Small boats are ideal for simple one day yachting trips. These mini yachts are not designed for parties or ceremonies but you can still have a relaxing escape from busy hotels and cities. We offer a variety of small boats from which you can choose from, varying from the simple 35 to 55 foot Gulf Craft

  • Maximum capacity - 7 people
  • Price per hour - 500 AE
  • Size (feet) - 35
  • Maximum capacity - 16 people
  • Price per hour - 900 AED per hour
  • Size (feet) - 53
  • Maximum capacity - 17 people
  • Price per hour - 1125 AED per hour
  • Size (feet) - 55
  • Maximum capacity - 12 people
  • Price per hour - 800 AED 
  • Size (feet)  - 45
  • Maximum capacity - 10 people
  • Price per hour - 1000 AED
  • Size (feet) - 45

Tips for the best choice

Choosing the right model can be the difference between a good and bad yachting trip in Dubai. The prices of vessels vary but always be ready to pay extra, if you want to have the time of your life. The best advice is to choose a model that suits you the most.

Each of the mentioned yachts offer something unique but all of them can give you the time of your life, if you know what you are looking for. Talking to the yacht charter agency and establishing mutual understanding will give you the unforgettable yachting voyage in Dubai. So save up some extra money and get ready for an amazing trip in Dubai.

Experience all the luxury and perfection of yachts and have the time of your life with your loved ones. It does not matter if you are on a 45 foot Viking or a 55 foot Gulf Yacht, you plan your trip and make the long waited adventure a reality.

Why should you rent a small boat in Dubai?

Renting a small boat has many advantages and is a lot more enjoyable than you might have thought. boat rental in Dubai is popular for a reason. By chartering a yacht, you get the freedom to plan out your own trip, include all the activities you want and the people you choose. Instead of taking a huge yacht and travelling slow, you can quickly get to your destination but also enjoy the cruise.

A small boat allows you to do water sports, go fishing and diving in the blue clear sea or just sit back, away from all the stress and issues of everyday life and get some rest. You will never know what peace and quiet are, until you are miles away from the coast, on the calm Arabian Sea, absorbing the beauty of UAE.