• Maximum capacity - 25 people
  • Price per hour - 1250 AED
  • Size (feet) - 70
  • Maximum capacity - 23 people
  • Price per hour - 1800 AED per hour
  • Size (feet) - 70
  • Maximum capacity - 30 people
  • Price per hour - 1500 AED per hour
  • Size (feet) - 78
  • Maximum capacity - 25 people
  • Price per hour - 1875 AED per hour
  • Size (feet) - 63

What are the perks of choosing a medium yacht?

Medium yachts, which vary in size from 63 to 78 feet, are the perfect solutions for many problems that come up when selecting a yacht. Small yachts, which are intended to carry a small amount of people, do not have much. Medium yachts are not only spacious but can also accommodate up to 30 people, depending on the model. Huge yachts are luxurious but tend to be pricier. Medium yachts tend to be cheaper but still have amazing design and décor, only less space.

What to do on a medium yacht?

Organizing celebrations, fishing, doing water sports or just simply cruising on the open sea in a spacious and comfortable medium yacht stands to prove their flexibility and practicality. Why go into extremes with either huge or small, limit yourself and your trip, rather than just enjoying the perfect middle? Dubai yacht charters offer various models which can ensure you have the time of your life on your sea voyage.

Before you contact our yacht charters in Dubai, have a look at some of the features our models offer.

How to make the best possible choice?

These are the models which are available. Each one of them have their perks and specific features. Medium sized ships are best if you want the perfect middle between luxury and privacy. They give you a lot of flexibility but also room to plan out your dream sea voyage the way you want to. With a medium sized yacht, you can do anything, varying from simple sightseeing, fishing, diving or even partying, all for a reasonable price.

All of these yachts provide luxury that you would not expect on ships. A sea adventure in the beauties of Dubai with yachts like this is destined to give you a memory you will not soon forget. Imagine just going out on the open sea and spending a whole day and night, admiring the wonders of the Middle East. Fishing in the morning, cruising in the day, partying in the evening and admiring the starts at night. What could be better?