• Maximum capacity - 35 people
  • Price per hour - 2100 AED per hour (2940 on weekends, Fri + Sat)
  • Size (feet) - 84
  • Maximum capacity - 40 people
  • Price per hour - 4500 AED per hour
  • Size (feet) - 88
  • Maximum capacity - 40 people
  • Price per hour - 2400 AED per hour (3360 on weekends, Fri + Sat)
  • Size (feet) - 86

Which yacht to choose for your luxury trip in Dubai?

Each one of these three ships is guaranteed to take you on the adventure of your life. Each one has its perks and it is up to you to pick the one that suits you the most. These yachts are pricey but the price will be well worth when you taste the wonders of Dubai.

There is a reason why Dubai yacht rental agencies are in such good business. Be another satisfied customer and experience the wonders of the Arabian Gulf.

Instead of reading about this extravagance, contact us and book your ideal celebratory trip with the best yacht charter agencies in Dubai. Taste luxury like never before and have something to brag about for years to come. 

Why should you go all out for a huge yacht?

Birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, reunions and other celebrations are always important. These days are not like 364 others in the year and they must be remembered for years to come. Getting married on a luxurious yacht, with Dubai in your background and your loved ones nearby, during the sunset in the calm waters will surely be a great way to start a marriage.

What better way to celebrate the long years of love and devotion than with an out of the world yacht trip in the beauties of Dubai? Every year you experience and celebrate with a birthday is something that shouldn’t be taken so lightly.

A birthday is the day when you get to say: “I have managed to live another year, despite all obstacles, thanks to my loved ones and good fortune.” Why make it seem like an irrelevant day? Why not treat yourself with the luxury yacht charters offer? After graduating school or university you need to take some time off from the years of studying, stress and exams. Why not make a deal with your class and treat yourself with an amazing yacht trip in Dubai?

Years of being away from each other makes people grow distant. Organize a reunion on a huge yacht and catch up with old friends in the privacy and peace of your yacht. Celebrating new years with a party onboard a huge ship will not only be an amazing experience but you will also get to see the remarkable fireworks in Dubai from a pleasant distance.

So why not go on an exciting and thrilling trip to remember the special event? Why not spend some extra cash and have a luxurious trip you will boast about for years to come? Aren’t there enough parties which are all the same?

Why not go on a luxurious sea voyage on some of the best yachts Dubai has to offer? With the ability to invite up to 35 people and perform many amazing activities on the yacht, you can surely organize an unforgettable trip. You have a wide choice of yachts you can choose from, about which you can find out more below.